Our circuits based body conditioning workout using a variety of equipment to target every single muscle group, every session!


45 minutes

A whole body workout that incorporates strength, speed and power work in a variety of circuit based formats.

We use lots of different equipment in each session including kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, sandbags, slam balls, battle ropes and much more.

You’ll be encouraged to work hard during each session, but never beyond your own limits. We like very tough workouts at Lion Fitness, but we don’t do crazy.

No one class is ever the same and you’ll quickly see the benefits of including circuit based strength work in to your training.

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Who is it suitable for?

This class is suitable for all fitness levels and age groups. Every session includes exercises that can be progressed or regressed to suit the individual.

What are the benefits?

Burn Calories


Weight Management


Mental Wellbeing


We have several pricing options available to suit your fitness needs

30 Day Commitment
Per month

Unlimited access to our weekly fitness classes & Open Sessions

Minimum 30-day commitment


Half Price first month
First month

Unlimited access to our weekly fitness classes & Open Sessions

Minimum 4-month commitment


Pay as you go
Per session

One off, per-class price.

Try our fitness classes and Open Sessions with the PAYG option
before considering our unlimited memberships.


For more information and to discuss our payment options please contact us.

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