Private Studio

“Perfect”, “my own personal gym”, “amazing” and “fantastic”… These are just some of the words used by our customers to describe our modern and private Personal Training & Fitness studio in Selby, North Yorkshire.

Your own private Studio

We have a different philosophy and approach to most regular gyms. We don’t have lots of treadmills and cross-trainers (in fact we don’t have any!!), but what we do have is the perfect environment and equipment for awesome workouts every time you step inside the studio.

Whether you’re joining us for private personal training, strength training, bootcamps or our regular fitness classes you will find everything you will need in our fully equipped and modern studio.

We don’t oversubscribe our classes, in fact we limit the numbers to make sure you train in a space that doesn’t get crowded, where you don’t feel intimidated or where we don’t have enough equipment for everyone to use.

We also have our own private outdoor training zone, this includes climbing fences, monkey bars, pull up bars, benches, truck tyres and really allows us to mix up your training sessions.

Come and visit the studio for yourself to see exactly what it is we have to offer you.


Monday – Thursday:  6:30am – 8:30pm
Friday:  6:30am – 7:30pm
Saturday:  7:30am – 2:00pm

• Please note that during quiet periods the studio may not always be staffed.


Join our growing community and have unlimited access to our weekly fitness classes.



Individualised programmes to leave you looking and feeling great in the shortest possible time.



We’ll make you stronger and less prone to injury with our 8-week strength training programmes.


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